Day One: Arrival at Common Ground Relief, NOLA

After 13+ hours of constant driving, we arrived late Saturday night in NOLA. The following morning, we took a few photos of the surrounding area, and started a day-long exploration of the city.

Day One: Super Sunday -- Mardi Gras Indians Parade

After morning brunch, we headed downtown with Chris to check out the Mardi Gras Indians Parade. Video is available on the video page.

Day One: French Quarter

Exploring the downtown area. Getting a touristy taste of the city is always fun -- beautiful houses, parks, crazy souvenirs, color everywhere. And of course, Bourbon Street. 

Day Two: Wetlands Restoration

The Louisiana Wetlands are more wet than land. Every day, a portion of wetlands the size of a football field gets destroyed. One little known fact: the more wetlands, the less chance a hurricane can hurt New Orleans. And then you wonder why not many people are doing anything about this....

Nightlife: Bourbon and Frenchman Streets

We hit up the best of New Orleans nightlife and watched drunken tourists and friends stumble down Bourbon Street...and listened to the best of live jazz on Frenchman. 

Day Five: Chore Day

Each day, a different group would have to take charge of cleaning the 1800 house and Yellowbrick, along with cooking lunch and dinner for 30+ people each time. Our group of five (Eugenius joined us - spasiba moi druk!) ended up cooking two great meals, making the dinner absolutely spectacular -- Russian Grandma Soup, Breaded Polack (Chicken), and Green Goblin salad. Might I add that there were ZERO leftovers. : )